Counseling Office

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Counseling Offices 

     At Futures High School the Counseling Office offers support to students in their academic, career, personal and social needs. This framework aligns with the National School Counseling Model for high schools. The Counseling Office works in collaboration with the staff, administration, teachers, parents and students and fosters academic, personal and emotional growth. A counselor is available during school hours and can be reached at 286-1905 or at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. If students want to meet with the counselor to discuss academic, personal, social or career needs they can request an appointment through a Counselor Meeting Request form that is available at the Main Office. An appointment is required, except in cases of emergency. Parents are encouraged to inquire about their student’s progress, or discuss any other concerns that they have, by scheduling an appointment with the counselor.

Schedule Change Policy

     Each student is placed in classes to best meet his/her needs. Schedule changes will only be performed during the first three days of school. Students are allowed ONE schedule change request per semester. If requesting a schedule change, the Schedule Change Request form needs to be received by the counselor by August 18th, at the end of school day. The following are valid reasons to request a schedule change:

  • student took the course in summer school (transcript needs to be included with the Schedule Change Request form)
  • student failed a required course and wants to repeat it
  • an incomplete class schedule (fewer than six classes; only seniors with 180 credits may take five classes)
  • scheduling error (e.g. 9th grader enrolled in 12th grade class, etc.)

Students will not be granted schedule change for the following reasons, among others:

  • teacher preference
  • period choice (e.g. “I want Chemistry second period”)
  • friends in certain period

*** Please Note: Schedule changes will be granted based on class availability.