School Attendance Policy


School Attendance Required By Law

     The State of California believes that education is essential for children and for our future. State law requires parents/guardians of children ages 6 to 18 to send their children to school, unless otherwise provided by law. Parents who fail to meet this obligation may be subject to persecution. Education Code 48200, 48290

School Attendance Policy

     Daily school attendance is critical for students’ success. Students are expected to be in school daily. Parents are strongly encouraged to schedule medical appointments during non-school hours. Absence from school will be excused only for:

  • health reasons 
  • family emergencies (provide specific explanation) 
  • attendance at funeral services for an immediate family member 
  • appearance in court 
  • observation of a religious holiday or ceremony 

Every absence must be cleared in one of the following ways:

1. If a student is absent, the parent/guardian should report the absence by telephoning to the attendance clerk at 286-1901 by 9:00 on the day of the absence. If the absence exceeds five days, a doctor’s note is required. For extended absences (i.e. illnesses, family emergencies, etc.), parents are asked to call the school as soon as possible.

2. When returning to school after an absence, a student must be readmitted to his/her classes by presenting a written excuse for the absence to the attendance clerk in the office. The note must show:

      A. Student’s full name 
      B. Date(s) of absence 
      C. Reason for absence 
      D. Signature of parent or guardian 

* Please note: regardless of a phone call to the office, an absence note is still required for students to bring in. Student attendance at Futures High School is taken very seriously. Students who miss 10 days or more, regardless of excused or unexcused absences, will be sent home a letter from the SARB committee, and a follow up meeting will be held thereafter.



     When students arrive more than 30 minutes late to school, they must report to the office to clear the late arrival and secure an admit to class form. If the student is less than 30 minutes late, he/she does not need to report to the office. However, she/he will be marked late on the attendance record by the teacher. Excessive/repeated offenses will result in progressive disciplinary actions (lunch detention or/and Saturday school).

     To get clearance for bus related tardies, students are also required to come into the office before going to class. Each semester students who are tardy will incur the following consequences by the teacher: