Schoolwide State Testing


Our state tests are fast approaching!  This year, all 10th grade students will take a state science test pilot (CAST) and all 11th grade students will take SBAC tests in English and Math.  AP Psychology and AP Calculus students will also take AP Exams.  See the schedule below for more details.


Here are a few ways to help your student with testing:

  • Help your student get a good night’s rest and eat a nutritious breakfast on testing days.
  • Avoid scheduling any appointments during testing so that your student is not absent.
  • Make sure your student arrives on-time to school during testing.
  • If your student wears glasses, please make sure he or she remembers to take them to school.


SBAC–11th graders

All 11th graders will take 2 English tests and 2 Math tests sometime during the testing window of April 24-May 12.  Students will be notified of their specific testing dates when the time gets closer and will receive a pass to be pulled out of class on the specific days they will test.


SBAC testing offers the exciting opportunity to help your student prepare for college.  At the end of the SBAC test, each student may choose to release their scores to CSUs or California Community Colleges.  Releasing scores will not only give you information on your college-readiness, it can also exempt you from having to take placement tests and remedial courses for Sac State, American River or other colleges.  In other words, students who do well on the SBAC will not need to take English and Math placement tests, but will be automatically placed in courses that count toward their degree from the very beginning of college! Doing well on a test that is already required can save you time and money in college!


For more information, see:



All 10th graders will be pulled from class to take the CAST test pilot on the morning of either May 10 or 11.  The test is approximately 1 hour and will feature the new NGSS Science Standards.  For more information, please see:


Feel free to contact Ms. Buda at if you have any questions.  Good luck on all your tests!

–Ms. Buda