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Schedule Change Policy

Each student is placed in classes to best meet his/her needs. Schedule changes will only be performed during the first three days of school. Students are allowed ONE schedule change request per semester. If requesting a schedule change, the Schedule Change Request form needs to be received by the counselor by August 18th, at the end of school day. The following are valid reasons to request a schedule change:
  • student took the course in summer school (transcript needs to be included with the Schedule Change Request form)
  • student failed a required course and wants to repeat it
  • an incomplete class schedule (fewer than six classes; only seniors with 180 credits may take five classes)
  • scheduling error (e.g. 9th grader enrolled in 12th grade class, etc.)
Students will not be granted schedule change for the following reasons, among others:
  • teacher preference
  • period choice (e.g. “I want Chemistry second period”)
  • friends in certain period
*** Please Note: Schedule changes will be granted based on class availability.