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Athletics Department

Futures High School Department of Athletics recognizes a commitment to serve both its student- athletes and the School. Its primary commitment is to provide an opportunity for student-athletes to fully develop their academic and athletic potential. Through practice, training and competition, the department strives to instill in each student-athlete:
    • Good sportsmanship and personal integrity.
    • Loyalty to the group and the ability to function with others as a team.
    • Appreciation for the benefits of hard work, motivation and perseverance in both winning and losing situations.
    • Pride in accomplishments gained through fair and honest means.
A strong athletic program does much to generate pride and enthusiasm in students, alumni, the School as a whole, and the community which the School serves. The public relations, goodwill and service provided by a strong athletic program benefit Futures High in ways which cannot be measured in strictly economic terms. Through its athletic program, the School’s accomplishments and academic goals are made known to the public.
Based upon this philosophy and with ongoing support from the Principle and Administration, the following values, mission statement, vision statement and strategic goals have been established.
VALUES Integrity:
Futures Athletics will exhibit integrity everywhere we go and in everything we do.
Excellence: Futures Athletics will demonstrate excellence in everything we do.
Loyalty: Futures Athletics will demonstrate loyalty to our School, our teams, and fans.
In order to understand where we are and where we want to be, it is vital to define those qualities that we hold. In understanding those values, the goals and path to achieve those goals will be clearly set out before us. Every decision of the athletic department will reflect these defined values.
Strategic Goals
    • Academics - Assist and encourage Futures student-athletes to reach their full academics potential.
    • Financial - Achieve fiscal success and accountability.
    • Student-Athlete Welfare - Provide each student-athlete with the opportunity to grow personally and enjoy a positive experience at Futures High School and within the community.
    • Sportsmanship - On and off the field of competition our staff, athletes and fans will respect the sport, themselves and others.
    • Diversity - Provide opportunities for individuals on the basis of merit in a non-discriminatory manner
    • Equity - Provide appropriate facilities and resources equitably and inclusively.
Mission Statement

Mission Statement

Our purpose is to provide a sound, competitive high school athletics program that represents the model manner, and provides student-athletes the opportunity to develop physically, mentally, ethically, and socially. In doing so, the athletic program will provide:
(1) coaching of the finest quality,
(2) facilities that provide excellent venues for safe and high-caliber competition,
(3) academic assistance to enhance academic success, and
(4) customer service that is consistently excellent. Our main objective is to assist young men and women in their educational pursuits to the fullest through support, guidance and motivational programs.
This assistance is intended to provide maximum opportunity for student-athletes to reach their full potential. The school is committed to a philosophy of excellence and our Athletic Department mirrors this sentiment.
Vision Statement

Vision Statement

To be a model program excelling in academics and athletics
Our expectations as a department is to reach the highest level of success in all CIF measures in each sport program. Striving to win the league championship recognizing the overall positive production of our total program reflects upon quality of athletes, coaching, and resources provided.
Team Participation

Team Participation

Students wanting to participate in sporting or team activities must first complete and sign the form below and turn it into the School Office.  
It is a privilege, not a right, to participate in extra-curricular activities, including Team Activities. The privilege may be revoked at any time, for any reason, that does not violate Federal, State, or District laws, policies, or procedures. There is no guarantee that the student will make the team, remain on the team, or actively participate in team events, shows, perfromances, or competitions. Such matters shall remain exclusively within the judgment and discretion of the District and its emploees. 
For more details on the agreement, please click the link below.  If you have any questions please reach out to the Athletic Director Andrew Lincoln.
Athletic Clearance

Athletic Clearance

Interested in participating in a sport? Be sure to access the Athletic Clearance page below through Home Campus to submit your paperwork and medical physical forms to participate in sports.